About me

A senior marketing professional delivering results


I am senior marketing professional with over two decades’ experience in both B2C and B2B sectors. What I will bring to your organisation is the ability to see the potential for revenue growth and develop pragmatic plans that will maximise that potential. I embody¬†commercial acumen, the ability to manage and engage stakeholders, outstanding negotiation skills and the drive to succeed. Importantly, I understand the intricacies of marketing and the metrics required to develop and deliver pragmatic, successful results.

I was a member of the senior marketing team at The Economist that, to this day, is driving significant subscription revenue growth in a market where competitors are experiencing stagnation or declining revenue streams. As part of this incredible revenue growth, I was exposed to the power of experiential marketing, programmatic advertising and retargeting, along with first-class customer engagement and retention strategies. I oversaw a cohort of agencies around the world which helped widen the audience to which The Economist appealed.

I started my marketing career at Metal Bulletin plc where I gained a solid understanding of direct marketing, the importance of accountability and transparency in marketing campaigns and how to manage a large volume of campaigns that ran simultaneously to the commodities segments around the world. Continuing from there, I have worked on go-to-market strategies for The EIU as it sought to enter the Chinese market and have marketed to customers in Europe and Asia in their local language, taking into consideration their local culture and customs to deliver successful results.

Having gained positions of increasing responsibility which involved me launching a customer-loyalty programme at OAG for over two million customers worldwide, to migrating LexisNexis’ stable of print products into an online environment, creating new revenue streams in the process. I became managing editor of a portfolio of Butterworth’s legal newsletters, having identified gaps in the market for them. I am comfortable working with all sizes of companies and with large and small budgets. What I promise is that the marketing and communications strategies I put in place for your organisation will make full value of every penny of your budget. My success in harnessing digital disruption for business success gives me a unique skill-set and one which many organisations will benefit from; including yours.

I am a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, The Chartered Institute of Public Relations and the PR Society of America. I have written for PR News, PR Moment, Folio and Ad News Australia.

In my personal life, I have given my time in support of HIV prevention charities, acted as a mentor for IntoUniversity and raised thousands of pounds for various breast cancer charities by running several half and full marathons.