Content Marketing

Maximising content assets to drive audience development and engagement

Content marketing has become increasingly important as consumers are no longer easily persuaded by instant purchase messages. Given the number of brands and marketing messages that an individual, whether in a personal or business capacity, receives each day is growing exponentially, cutting through that noise to develop a close relationship with an organisation’s audience is of paramount importance.

For many organisations generating content is not as easy as it is for those in the information and news sectors, they do, nonetheless, have more content available to them than they realise. Yet, having quality content is not enough. Knowing how to use content to deliver marketing objectives and extracting maximum value from content is at the core of successful marketing strategies.

Having spent more than two decades working with organisations rich in content, I have developed a deep understanding of how to create the maximum number of assets from a piece of content but how that content exists within the wider marketing strategy. What I will do for you is use content to improve your bottom line, deepen relationships with your existing customer base and reach new markets for your organisation.


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  • economist-intel

    The challenge

    I joined The Economist Intelligence Unit with the remit of increasing the brand’s awareness to deliver more prospects into the sales funnel, via PR, social media and search marketing. These prospects would then enter the audience development programme and then over to the enterprise sales team as sales-ready leads.

    The solution

    The Economist Intelligence Unit is rich with content. As part of the strategy to move some content in front of the paywall, I made use of this content to drive the search marketing strategy and the social media marketing programme. Further, I worked across the editorial teams to develop

    profile and were used to develop social media posts, webinars with the white paper authors, and to hold events around the world. In China, an annual event was attended by 400 delegates, which generated increased awareness of the brand in China via media coverage. The event was filmed and each presentation published across The EIU’s social media platforms and also published in print as white papers, which could only be downloaded on registration.

    The result

    In the first nine months, the prospect database grew from 31,000 to 120,000. Three years later it stood at just over 550,000. The white papers were used as part of the audience development, engagement and retention plans, which drove the required number of sales-ready leads to the enterprise sales team.

“Charles has provided strong global leadership implementing the marketing and digital brand strategy for The Economist Intelligence Unit. His work, integrating both on and offline strategies, is successfully taking the brand to where it deserves to be”.

Luke Roberts, MD Cape Public Relations and Senior Trainer at Spokesperson Media Training

“Under Charles leadership, The EIU has become firmly placed on the tier 1 media map. Through sheer determination, excellent relationships and an innovative yet clear, methodical and unwavering approach to digital brand strategy, Charles shone a new light on The EIU brand. But don’t take my word for it, the numbers speak for themselves”!

Michele Ashby, Marketing Director (Custom Research), The EIU