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Harnessing digital disruption for success

The rise of digital and social media marketing has been swift and pervasive. Many companies have thrived seizing the opportunities newly available to them, while others failed to adapt and disappeared altogether. Possibly none so startling as Kodak, once one of the best-known brands in the world. Now, Kodak is nothing more than a memory.

The publishing and business information sectors have been riding the digital disruption storm for nearly twenty years. Business models have changed and adapted to this new, ever-changing landscape. News has been commoditised, exacerbated by technology that allows anyone to become a content producer, undermining subscription and advertising models in the process. For others, new technology such as video, VR (virtual reality) has given them channels to increase engagement with a wider audience and develop exciting services that would never have been possible in print.

I have worked with the internet and mobile technology since 1996. I developed a suite of online services that utilised the richness of data held against each flight for OAG and developed a WAP flight status service for T-Mobile. At LexisNexis, I created online communities for the legal, tax and compliance industries and at The Economist commissioned a VR experience to highlight the plight of the ocean. With this comprehensive knowledge of technologies and how businesses can benefit from them, I am well placed to navigate your organisation safely and successfully through digital disruption.


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  • T-Mobile

    The challenge

    T-Mobile in both Germany and Austria wanted to create an SMS service on their WAP portal, with alerts on flight departure and arrival times for their customers. These alerts could be requested every two hours/hour/ half-hour/15 minutes and on arrival/departure.

    This service was designed to help avoid wasting hours at an airport when a flight was delayed. It was particularly useful for airport taxi services who could then fit in more fares by reaching the airport as the flight was landing which boosted their revenue.

    The solution

    I worked with T-Mobile’s WAP digital team and OAG’s technical team to translate into German (and abbreviate when required) message alerts to meet the 160-character restriction, and developed and tested the API feeds, to successfully build a flight status alert service that could be rolled out to T-Mobile’s customers.

    The outcome

    The flight status alert service was successfully launched to over 8 million customers in Austria and Germany.

  • lexisnexis-logo

    The challenge

    With the rise of online jobs websites such as TotalJobs and Indeed which offered clients low-cost, broad audience models, it became clear that the portfolio of LexisNexis’ magazines and journals print recruitment advertising was under threat unless online recruitment advertising properties were launched.

    The solution

    I worked with the head of the sales team and the web developers, several recruitment websites were built for each of the verticals that LexisNexis served which enabled recruiters to reach a wider audience, root out passive job seekers and received reports that quantified the value generated from their advertising spend. I commissioned a series of articles designed to help recruiters write more compelling job adverts

    and for job seekers to help better prepare for their new job search, interview techniques and CV writing skills, both as a means of customer engagement but also to optimise the SEO strategy I had put in place. Further, the jobs from these new recruitment websites were seamlessly integrated into the online versions of each relevant LexisNexis magazine and journal to increase exposure of each job and to increase the stickiness of the editorial websites.

    The outcome

    The successful launch of over twenty-five editorial and recruitment jobs boards which resulted in an increase in customer retention and an increase in advertising revenue for LexisNexis’ portfolio of magazines and journals. The recruitment and editorial websites for taxation and health and safety quickly became the number one destinations in their respective sectors.

  • economist-intel

    The challenge

    The Economist Intelligence Unit had embarked on a social media exercise prior to my joining the business. I joined with a remit which included increasing the brand’s awareness and to increase the social media following for The EIU. Social media was one of the channels I used to drive prospects onto the marketing database. These prospects would then enter the audience development programme, with those that attained pre-requisite scores, passed to the field sales team.

    The solution

    The Economist Intelligence Unit is rich with content. As part of the strategy to move some content in front of the paywall, I made use of this content, in its digital, audio and visual forms, to drive the social media marketing programme. I also worked closely with the editorial teams to equip them with the skills to drive engagement across the various social media accounts.

    Importantly, I ensured that the content assets were optimised for the social media platforms The EIU was active on; Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. profile and were used to develop social media posts, webinars with the white paper authors, and as the basis for face-to-face events.

    The result

    Over the subsequent 12 months, The EIU saw an increase in prospects from social media, from 10% to 27%, within 9 months the prospect database grew from 31,000 to 120,000+ and the annual AVE from PR activity exceeded US$65m. The social media following for The EIU increased over ten-fold with the creation of twitter accounts for key personnel, each region and industry account and solid content, whether video, audio or print, to populate these social platforms. The white papers were used as part of the audience development, engagement and retention plans.

Charles is one of the best marketers in the business. With such extensive knowledge of the marketing and digital space, coupled with vision and strong leadership, Charles always delivers fantastic results. It was great working with Charles – he is fun, approachable, passionate and determined.

Angelina Hunt, PR Manager at Eversheds

“Charles and I worked together to launch LexisNexis’s first ever online community the Company Law Forum. I love working with Charles because he is quick, extremely bright, fun and creative. These strengths meant our launch was ahead of schedule and under budget”.

Cara Annett, Operations Director (Content Operations) at LexisNexis

“Charles’ vision and clear communication skills helped SiteVisibility to create and implement the most effective SEO strategy for the 20+ sites optimised at Lexis Nexis. Charles definitely knows how to manage his SEO agency for maximum effect and I look forward to future opportunities to work together”.

Jason Woodford, CEO, SiteVisibility

“I worked with Charles whilst I was Group Financial Controller at OAG Worldwide Ltd (subsequently UBM Aviation) and can highly recommend his abilities to provide solutions to Digital/Web Based Marketing and Brand Management categories. He is one of the most sincere and focused Senior Managers I have met. Charles is always approachable, willing and able to discuss any issues relating to Digital/Web Based Marketing. I would highly recommend Charles”!

Mo Jaffer, Finance Director at TXM Recruit & TXM Healthcare

“Charles can interpret, refine and disseminate a marketing brief like no-one else. He understood the internet opportunity, developed strategy and communicated it, within an integrated plan, to the European offices and my operation out in ASPAC. He’s an unusually lateral thinker, who also concentrates on the customer’s experience of the business. It is a fantastic combination”.

Caroline Bye, Former Marketing & Circulation Director for ASPAC, OAG Worldwide Ltd.