Creating transparent, measurable and successful marketing strategies to shift the needle

Marketing plays a pivotal role in driving the growth of any organisation. Some have gone as far as to say that it is marketing-led organisations that become the most successful. To achieve success, an effective strategy must sit behind the marketing function. A strategy that has identified the target audience, one that understands the messages that resonate with this audience and is then executed successfully. Every marketing strategy should be transparent, accountable and deliverable. Without putting in place stringent practices to measure response and gauge ROI, many marketing strategies fail to deliver to their full potential. Throughout my career, I have devised and implemented marketing strategies that have achieved the desired results through market insight, testing variables, strong creative and importantly, clear goals. I will bring this rigour to your organisation.


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  • lexisnexis-logo

    The challenge

    LexisNexis had published Butterworth’s Law Directory and the Scottish Law Directory for more than 100 years. With the advent of the digital age, an online law directory was created called Overtime law firms demanded increasing accountability and reporting on their marketing spend through LawyerLocator.

    The solution

    We changed a simple Yellow Pages-style online directory into an online lead-generation service for law firms in the UK. Firms were able to augment their online entries through the purchase of additional features. However, what resonated with them most strongly was their ability to pay for an enquiry from a consumer or SME business that was seeking legal advice.

    This strategy was born out of discovering that law firms were happy to pay the Yellow Pages to include them, but didn’t know the

    value of advertising in our print and online product. I gained approval to implement this pay-for-a-lead model, having gained inspiration from Google’s PPC model, with law firms paying £10 for each enquiry received. These enquiries could then be managed and quantified through their own administrative centre within LawyerLocator.

    To drive traffic to the new LawyerLocator platform, and to engage with the audiences, I commissioned over 450 articles which explained various aspects of the law thus helping consumers better prepare themselves prior to meeting their solicitor and recruited an SEO manager to drive the ongoing visibility of the website.

    The result

    There was an immediate uplift in revenue from law firms through this new revenue model and an increase in the search rankings and traffic to the LawyerLocator website.

  • economist-health

    The challenge

    The EIU Healthcare brand was formed when The EIU acquired Bazian, which specialises in the evidence-based analysis of drugs, devices and healthcare services, and Clearstate, which helps business identify new markets. The challenge was to create marketing strategies for each segment within the healthcare ecosystem, effectively positioning the appropriate EIU Healthcare service and delivering hot leads to the field sales team.

    The solution

    I created the go-to-market strategy to introduce EIU healthcare services to approximately 120 global Ministers for health for their respective countries. First, I commissioned a data acquisition company to build the database of both the world’s Ministers of Health and their deputies and ensured we were able to use them for marketing purposes. I created a multi-stage marketing plan with the sales directors for the MedTech, pharma and provider segments of the healthcare ecosystem.

    For the pharma and MedTech sectors, we focused on the Asian market and created a demand-generation marketing plan that utilised Marketo and SalesForce to manage the campaigns and nurture leads, pushing them further along the sales funnel, ensuring we could track cost-per-lead and cost-per-acquisition by channel. I worked with the editorial team to create white papers that were of value to those segments which were distributed through digital and social media channels to further build the contact database and engage with existing contacts. Events were held quarterly in Singapore and Shanghai with 30-50 pharma executives who were able to meet with our editorial experts and discuss projects with our field sales team members.

    The outcome

    This strategy shortened the sales cycle, generated a significant increase in the volume of sales-ready leads that were ready for conversion by the enterprise sales team. And ultimately, contributed to the phenomenal revenue growth experienced by EIU Healthcare.

“Charles is great to work with. He really gets internet marketing and has been an invaluable help in the successful launch of five websites in 2007. 
Charles is also very approachable and real team player. He has turned around the marketing department in a very short space of time and has made a real impact on the bottom line”.

Katherine Davies, Head of Sales at LexisNexis

“Charles is a wonderfully innovative marketer. He taught me to understand the value of various marketing channels, prioritise appropriate media and assign a financial value to the results. His talents go way beyond that, but these skills are incredibly difficult to find and immensely helpful toward building a viable business. I wholeheartedly recommend Charles to any and all”!

Tony Nash, CEO, Complete Intelligence Pte. Ltd.

“Charles made a significant contribution to the transformation of OAG. Over two decades OAG had established itself as a leader in print publishing of airline information. Print, however, was clearly an obsolete media with the rise of internet based content. Charles led a team that created new content and its distribution via new media and therefore re-positioning OAG as a modern and dynamic business”.

Duncan Alexander, Director at Cognizant

“As a guru on all things web, particularly on strategic thinking and future trends, Charles is your man”.

Nick Salter, Co-Founder - Aduna