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Charles has the experience, passion and the ability to lead campaigns; under his leadership, the EIU has been able to combine traditional as well as digital communications, delivering outstanding levels of growth. He is also an absolute pleasure to work with.

Ravi Sunnak, EVP, Corporate, Executive Branding & Global at Havas PR North America

Charles is one of the best marketers in the business. With such extensive knowledge of the marketing and digital space, coupled with vision and strong leadership, Charles always delivers fantastic results. It was great working with Charles – he is fun, approachable, passionate and determined.

Angelina Hunt, PR Manager at Eversheds

Charles is a wonderfully innovative marketer. He taught me to understand the value of various marketing channels, prioritize appropriate media and assign a financial value to the results. His talents go way beyond that, but these skills are incredibly difficult to find and immensely helpful toward building a viable business. I wholeheartedly recommend Charles to any and all!

Tony Nash , Data Analytics for Economics, Markets, Risk

Charles has provided strong global leadership implementing the marketing and digital brand strategy for The Economist Intelligence Unit. His work, integrating both on and offline strategies, is successfully taking the brand to where it deserves to be.

Luke Roberts, MD Cape Public Relations and Senior Trainer at Spokesperson Media Training

Charles and I worked together to launch LexisNexis’s first ever online community the Company Law Forum. I love working with Charles because he is quick, extremely bright, fun and creative. These strengths meant our launch was ahead of schedule and under budget.

Cara Annett, Operations Director (Content Operations) at LexisNexis

Charles is highly skilled on the digital front and whilst at LexisNexis provided an excellent service for the products used by our members and potential members in the range of print and online compliance titles. I would certainly recommend Charles as an expert in the publishing and events marketing field.

Kelvin Soley, Membership manager of the International Institute of Risk & Safety Management

Charles has a real drive and determination to succeed. 

He used ingenuity in identifying ways to support the company’s corporate responsibility priorities, informed by deep personal passion. He really believes in making a difference in his local and global community.

Marcia Balisciano, Director, Corporate Responsibility at Reed Elsevier

Charles’ vision and clear communication skills helped SiteVisibility to create and implement the most effective SEO strategy for the 20+ sites optimised at Lexis Nexis. Charles definitely knows how to manage his SEO agency for maximum effect and I look forward to future opportunities to work together.

Jason Woodford, CEO SiteVisibility

Charles is great to work with. He really gets internet marketing and has been an invaluable help in the successful launch of five websites in 2007. 
Charles is also very approachable and real team player. He has turned around the marketing department in a very short space of time and has made a real impact on the bottom line.

Katherine Davies, Head of Sales at LexisNexis

I worked with Charles whilst I was Group Financial Controller at OAG Worldwide Ltd (subsequently UBM Aviation) and can highly reccomend his abilities to provide solutions to Digital/Web Based Marketing and Brand Management categories. 

He is one of the most sincere and focused Senior Managers I have met. Charles is always approachable, willing and able to discuss any issues relating to Digital/Web Based Marketing. I would highly recommend Charles

Mo Jaffer, Finance Director at TXM Recruit & TXM Healthcare

Charles made a significant contribution to the transformation of OAG. Over two decades OAG had established itself as a leader in print publishing of airline information. Print, however, was clearly an obsolete media with the rise of internet based content. Charles led a team that created new content and its distribution via new media and therefore re-positioning OAG and a modern and dynamic business.

Duncan Alexander, Director at Cognizant

As a guru on all things web, particularly on strategic thinking and future trends, Charles is your man.

Nick Salter, Co-Founder - Aduna

Charles can interpret, refine and disseminate a marketing brief like no-one else. He understood the internet opportunity, developed strategy and communicated it, within an integrated plan, to the European offices and my operation out in Aspac. He’s an unusually lateral thinker, who also concentrates on the customer’s experience of the business. It is a fantastic combination.

Caroline Bye, Freelance Corporate Communications Consultant